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Introducing George Clayton

My fellow Texans, my name is GEORGE CLAYTON and I am a professional educator, committed to Texas public schools. I have served on the Texas State Board of Education where I fought hard to enable Texas students to acquire the skills needed to function and thrive in the future. As your state representative I want to bring my passion for teaching and my expertise in education to the forefront of our political discussion. There could be no more crucial time for such focus than now.

Today’s political climate is failing our students and this must change. The Austin establishment’s all-out assault on education is influencing a young generation that will lack the most basic, fundamental requirements of a functioning democracy, the need for our young people to be informed, to reason, to discern what is true and to choose their leaders wisely

For this and many other reasons, I vigorously oppose the stranglehold standardized testing has on teaching and learning in our public schools where students’ intellectual growth has been sacrificed at the altar of for-profit testing in the state of Texas.

Our students both deserve and require the highest standard of excellence in learning if they are to live fulfilling and abundant lives. Isn’t that the aspiration of every generation? To provide this, it is imperative that we bring about fundamental change in our educational system, not merely reformation but most importantly a transformation, so that an advanced and stimulating curriculum replaces a current regimen that dulls and cripples the creativity and ambitions so natural to young minds. I urge you to invest in education. I am your candidate, regardless of political affiliations, to champion education in Texas.

Here are some of my qualifications:

Elected member of the Texas State Board of Education, Chairman of the Committee on Instruction.
Teacher – professional educator
English, advanced placement English
English and reading department chairman
Academic Coordinator
English department administrator
Attendance Committee Chairman
Principal hiring committee
Foundation School Safety Committee
Operation Come Back
Administrator sophomore class
Curriculum and planning coordinator, ELA
TAKS coordinator
Coordinator Saturday school
Reading Initiative Coordinator
Special Projects Coordinator, high school
Instructional Coach for teachers, secondary level
Membership in, Just for Kids
Membership in, International Reading Association
Membership in, National Council Teachers of English
Membership in, Hope Foundation